an update.

hello all.

it’s been a few months since my last update.

not much has changed.

let’s fast forward to today. in the recent months, the church i had attended and i had a falling out. they will claim it’s due to my abrasiveness, i say that it’s in part due to the ‘church volunteer culture’ along with them being too accepting and woke for me. to that point, i did not stop attending church. i found a baptist (shocking, i know) church that is affiliated with the cbf (cooperative baptist fellowship), a denomination that affirms women in ministry, and one that actually does help with social causes that i feel should be addressed. this church is great. while they are not affirming of the lgbtq community, they are accepting of me. i am very much out to them, and they do very much respect and accept my beliefs.

onto another part. my identity. in the almost 6 months that have transpired since my last entry, i have done significant soul searching to figure my identity out. nonbinary isn’t the correct term anymore. trans woman is more the term i want to use to describe myself, because it is who i am.

since leaving the job at the church, i have gotten back with traveling. i’ve travelled to deep appalachia, reconnected with old friends i haven’t seen in ages, and have an exciting trip to boston at the end of this month. my travels to appalachia have been amazing. i’ve been able to be myself without anyone disparaging me, partly because i let them get to know me before i disclose my identity, and that itself lends to a much better and much more accepting time for me.

also, my favorite baseball team, the baltimore orioles, clinched the american league east, but fluttered against the texas rangers in the playoffs. the naysayers are saying that they need to fire everyone, but hell. they had their best season since 1979, and blew expectations out of the water this year. i definitely think with the right additions in the post season, they will be prime contenders in the race for the world series.

y’all are awesome. stay classy. the next post likely will be a controversial one. deep diving into some stormy waters. stay tuned.


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