hello all-

i am a trans human living in central virginia. i am on the autism spectrum, having been formally diagnosed with asperger’s syndrome, now known as autism spectrum disorder, or asd for short.

i have 2 parents, 2 brothers, and 1 soon to be born nephew.

i grew up on the water, so my hobbies are boating, fishing, kayaking, and really anything outdoorsy.

this blog will go over topics regarding my life, my coming out, and my overall story.

i am not sure the timings of my posts, but my first one will likely be later tonight.

be mindful of my grammar in this blog. i am intentionally not capitalizing sentences as it is easier for me to type, and this is not formal.

I have divided this up into chapters. Please read in chronological order.

childhood is the years of 0-18. this is the time from when i was born to the age of 18. to understand the context of this story, please read this category first.

my story is fairly self explanatory. it covers my story


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