the first years.

i was born to 2 wonderful, caring and loving parents. i was born at harbor hospital in baltimore, md on a warm evening in april 1991.

my life as an only child was short and brief. by the age of 2, i had been gifted with twin brothers. my best friend at the time was my neighbor, likely due to our parents being friends. at some point, my first word wasn’t ‘mommy’ or ‘daddy’ but instead ‘light’. i also never learned how to crawl, instead i scooted.

like any typical toddler, i was into various things. playing dress up (foreshadowing), going to the park, and the general things that toddlers are interested in.

at some point, i decided to make my parents lives a living nightmare when i put the dish washer on air dry instead of normal dry. it took 2 repairmen and 8 hours to figure out the issue, and from what i have been told, my dad was not happy.

my toddler years were amazing and while i don’t really remember them, i love hearing stories.


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